Friday, February 3, 2012


my name appears on my paperwork filed with the ACEB as"
D.C. (Legalize-Marijuana) Roach
logically- since my last name is "Roach"- might as well cash in on it.. sems the state can fast track anti- labor union busting RTW laws, but a less government, lower tax,  , money /resource; jobs creating law- that also is legal in 23 or so states- well- i guess we will never see a reeferendum in Indiana, or even talk of this law.
not if i can help it- since 1977, i  and thousands of other loca fort wayne residents have wanted marijuana legal for consenting adults, away from kids, and not having to support drug lords, and rug dealers. we want it licensed, taxes, regulated, civil penaltes for violations, and to grow our own on ur own homes, and 'catle groudns/kingdoms" , for our own consumption, just like beer, wine, liquor, and even tomatoes, roses, peppers, etc..

you know allen county was founded on an April 1st, dont you?1824.. and the first county offices and courts were 2 saloons across a muddy intersection from each other? And most of our locals were drunks, as court records, and history tells..

GROUNDHOG DAY, 2012-  I filed to be a candidate for allen county commissioner.
why? first- because once more- the allen county democratic Party centrao committee has failed to field any candidates for this fairly important local county office.

the county commissioner- 1 of 3- is similar to both a city mayor, a city manager, and in some respects- the city council as well.
So lets look at what could be accomplished- that isnt being done now- youre fired..!
( its not like any democrat could win county office, because  lack of local party organization- what party organization; and the fact that most of the county voters are idiot tea party conservatives, who would never vote democrat , but you got to try..sort of like many one sided lost causes, and battles through history..

first- I personally want to advocate for legalizing recrational marijuana. as a county elected official, elected on a pro-weedd platform, i could much to help the cause.. Legal weed would stop the border war south due to the same reasons as prohibition didnt work, and would take the profit motive right out. We the county taxpayer swould save money- from stopping clogging the courts, the jail, and criminal jsutice system- the countys biggest line itme expense-  with harmless stoners, social drinkers, and other minor scofflaws, screw ups, and misfits; and aoolw the county to reallocate its scarce policing resources to lets say- maybe whittle the 7400 or more outstanding felony /fugitive warrants , out there? We could buy bus tickets for all the sex offenders- send them to Indy, or wherever else. ditto for tuberculosis patients. 250,ooo bucks, we could buy them their own island, alomst..

the current incumbent has been AWOL in speaking up to try to save the local A-10 squadron. about 1000 jobs, and million of bucks in federal dollars, and payroll for fort wayne..

Next- a noun, a verb, and 9-1-1. the local 911 dispatch center has languished for decades- since 1996- they have been talking talking talking about merging the city and county operations. they cant even remove the glass window and wall separating the 2 offices in the city county basement.
     In FEb-2010- there was light speed progress - mission accomplished- declared by the incumbent, and frequently until May, and then a few times to november- to keep the current sheriff in office vs his opponent- me.  I served in an aircraft carrier bridge, combat information center/ intelligence office. I know when we the people are getting kerked around by incompetents, and well, jerks..
     Now- they are saying we need more money, more money,more money. for what? we havent seen any progress since 2010, since they declared mission accomplished.. sound familiar?

Right to work- we recently saw the county govt leaders pay the help to buy their votes with our mney- to fre-elect them, of course? I support right to work, and believe the county government should be unionized on a pay scale similar to the city government, and thse county employees who dont want to be represented, can now opt out.

city and county- we have yet to see progress in any progress in meaningful activify in mergin g the cty and county police into a METOR PD, modeled after INDY, and other progressive communities across the USA, who have done this years ago. Of course- we will have to fire the redundant dead wood, put the walking wounded, and cripples out to pasture/retirement, hire some new blood- veterans - mps, etc fress from iraq, afghanistan, who without quasi military jobs, will get into trouble, without something military related to do..  the city police in my opinion needs reforming, and house cleaning.

merging city and county govts- again- we cant even combine any joint operations between city and county redundant functions where buying power would be advantageous. INDY, under dick lugar- mamanged to create unigov in 1968, so unless we repudiate everything lugar accomplished, in INDY, 44 some years ago, we need to get with the times.
seems FORT WAYNE  has INDY ENVY  only selectivly..?

speaking of merged operations, and combined operations one agency that needs to be cut is the board of healrth, and the health fuhrer, that wacky doctor lady- you know who. seems she has some exaggerated sense of her own importance, yet has cut services, and now we the people have to pay for everything.

which brings me to another related topic- user fees. what are we paying for county government anywaY some kind of welfare program/jobs works program? seems everytime we turn around, we need to pay some user fee, for copies, when documents could be scanned, and e-mailed. public records arent very forthcoming- youu have to fill out a records request for eveyrhing- its all supposed to be publc records on the internet.
for example- the allen county election board- they are very secretive, and user fees, etc- some of them anyway- because this is the gateeway to reforming the system- run for office, and dismantle things from inside, and fix things, from the inside. reform..

so- I dont have a very regard for the current incimbent, he has drank both the TEA; AND THE KOOL-AID- he has become a TEA PARTY  cultist; and is an avid supporter of those pesky pro-lifer ( domestic terrorist) . the incumbents zeal for any whack job ordinance, rule, etc put forth by the tea party, the pro-lifers,e tc- is made law tomorrow.. me? NFW..

so without being long winded, i can do the job just fine, without all the crazy lunatic fringe ideas the incumbent has recently embraced..
to be kind..
simply- times change, and the old way of lack of transparency, openness, progressivness, and so on- is out dated, and its time for a change.. and the TEA PARTY, PRO-LIFER, ANTI- GAY  PEOPLE, XENOPHOBIC,  anti- womans choice, good old boys way of doing things is time for a change..

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