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hi Marchelle. David     D.C.(Legalize-Marijuana) Roach here.  Will you be needing any informationabout the campaign - i put the reeferendum up there didnt I? If you have any qyestions you want to ask, please forward them, and i wll have some inteligent answers prepared for an interview, if you will be interested.
   I was laying low- under the radar, hoping the democrats would forget to fill out their ballot. I didnt feel like ballor hoping this time- now we have a cntested primary, and i can get my message out. I also made  the democrat party pull a "rabbit out of their hats(?) , as well. so now instead of no candidate, now they have 2.
 (or more?)
my campaign blogspot is :

As i will be 1 democrat, of #- with a 2 Republican majority, i will be limited in what i may be able to accomplish. Partisan balance is needed on the commission- to represent the presently voiceless.
   I Detest the Tea Party- conservative evangelical Republicans, and domestic terrorist radical pro-lifers. and We need to stop them, and vote them out at all levels of government before they get a foothold. We have seen the havoc and mayhem they have caused all across America, and the Voter backlash.

  I want to push for union county employees, More funding and staffing for the Veterans Services officer- George Jarboe. removing the 9-1-1 dispatch center window. Improving and expanding county government services for constituents, and voters.  
merging the city /county police- into a METRO PD- like in INDY- and eliminating command redundancy; getting new youn blood into the dept's; retiring all the overweight, walking wounded, PTSD police, whipping the rest into phusical standards. - Police dept reforms..

And I will be a vocal advocate for legalzing recreational marijuana. Drug Prohibition is a failed costly policy. Taxpayer and police /court/ jail resources could be put to better use- youth drug prevention, providing start up capital for local entrpreneurs, and other creative re- prioritization. there are over 7400 outstanding felony /fugitive warrants in Allen county.
    There are too may possibly illegal foreclosures and sheriffs sales - I would call for a halt- audit the recorders office records for errors, negligence, and possible malfeasance- due to the current national mortgage fraudulent crimianl conspiracy being investigaged by the Justice department.
    I willb e a voice for the voiceless Democrats, and non-
republican  voters- and under represented minorities- mostly poor, and underemployed like me.
    I have been labeled a perennial candidate, and yes- if i wasnt single, and harassed by the police, and overlords, i would have a clean shiny, polished erased record, but thats what happens when a person is trapped in poverty/underemployment, and not part of the old- boys network.

  Drugs?what about the prescription drug abuse by adults, and illegal trafficking of their parents drugs in the wealthy suburbs.
so .
I'm not camera shy. I wll have some more formal annoucement planned for a date to be determined. I'm gathering a campaign manager, and Supporters.

I think the citizens f Allen County think all the commissioners do is keep u s safe, and create jobs. well- both are fiction. For a tea party republican to say yay- govt creates jobs- is a socialist; and a liar. . To grant tax abatements to create jobs is redistribution of wealth from the poor to the wealthy burinsees- cop[rorate welfare, and has a dubious record.
the number of jobs created is debatable.

Homeland security? what did we ever do during WW2? the Cold War? the threat of nuclear annihilation by the soviet chinese comunist alliance? a far deadlier threat than a few wild eyed swarthy non- christian foreigners .
We could safely dismantle the fear mongering machine, reduce their budgets, and instead- educate, and coordinate the general citizens- veterans, ; and all the hundreds of public safety workers into an effective civil defense organization.

Nelson Peters, and John McGauley were visibly AWOL on this whole Air Guard Base controversey. In some ways- theres not much we can do- just like navistar. On the other hand- Peters, McGauley, and all ov us need to make a case for keeping those 1200 primary jobs, and the secondary jobs, and the 60+ million dollar payroll. I dont see Mr Tea Party Peters saying cut spending . how inconsistent..

So- thank you for your time,Mrs Michel.
I have a lot of pertinent issues to raise( and a lot of impertinent ones as well). I am available to be questioned on several social media sites, unlike my opponents- who are professional career politicians, and wont answer difficult questions from us lowly voters. ; or accept input, criticism, and so on. I am openly accessible , and a common man of the peole.
     I am Navy Veteran, I have 2 college degrees, and I am well read, and Politics is my hobby/sport/ interest.

have a great day.
message me back here, please.
DC Legalize-Marijuana Roach

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